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Machining process of precision plastic mold

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Mold processing refers to the molding and blanking tool processing, in addition to shear and die cutting die. Normally, the mold has two parts: upper mold and lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, under the action of the press to achieve the molding of the material, when the press is opened, it will be determined by the shape of the workpiece or remove the corresponding waste. Precision plastic mold
What is the processing process?
1, bottom processing, processing to ensure;
2, casting blank base correction, 2D, 3D surface balance check;
3,2D, 3D rough surface processing, non-installed non-working plane machining (including safety platform surface, the buffer installation surface, platen plane, side datum);
4, semi-finishing before the side of the base to find the correct precision;
5, semi-finishing 2D, 3D surface, finishing all kinds of installation work surface (including the limit block installation surface and contact surface, insert surface and back surface, punch mounting surface, scrap cutter installation and back surface , Spring mounting surface and contact surface, all kinds of stroke limit working face, wedge mounting surface and back surface), semi-finishing all kinds of guide surface, guide hole, leaving margin finishing process reference hole and height reference plane, and record data;
6, inspection review processing accuracy;
7, fitter in the process;
8, before finishing, the process of reference hole base correction, inserts margin check;
9, finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole, finishing process reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole;
10, inspection review processing accuracy.




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