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Mould Flow Analysis

 What 's Moldflow analysis ?

Mold flow analysis is a software simulation that can show how resin will fill the mold during the injection molding process. By understanding material fill, injection mold designers can better position gates, anticipate where knit lines will appear, and locate difficult to fill spots in the mold.

The analysis also examines how resins flow with certain temperatures and injection pressures. As material cools it begins to harden which is why gate pressure increases. The higher the pressure, the more difficult the fill, which translates to greater concern about weak knit lines (contributing to poor part integrity), flash, sink, and shorts.

How much Moldflow analysis cost?

Base on different projects, the cost often between $200 to $500, and we often provide free payment moldflow analysis for valued clients.

What¡¯s lead time for Moldflow analysis report?

Base on different projects, it's often take 2-3 working days only.

How can I judge if my project need a Moldflow analysis ?

Professional job done by professional staffs, please send us your 3D layout, we can help to check and advise if your project need a Moldflow analysis or not. 



Base on client's requirement or our experience, we always suggest to make the mold flow analysis before create molds, and it's very necessary step for complicated new projects. The advantages of mold flow as below:


1). Reduce the risk for develop new product;
2). Optimize the structure of product;
3). Shorten the lead time of new project develop;
4). It's for ensure the sample of first time test shots will be perfect.
5). Energy conservation and reduce consume in industry.


Above is a mold flow we've ever made for reference.


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Skype ID: elaine.fung
WHAT's App ID: 008613549292075
Tel: +86 769 8150 1021
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