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Hao Yu Tech. Mold Factory Since 1998
We are professional PLASTIC MOLD and INJECTION maker in Dongguan City, it¡¯s close to Shenzhen.
The head office locate in Hongkong. Base on the fast developing of almost 20 years, now we have two mold factories in Guangdong, certificated by ISO9001 and TS16949 . Totally we own 20000 square meter workshop and approx 500 employees, a lots of advanced equipments.
Professional sales provide the excellent communication for the clients from all worldwide, almost 70% molds and injection parts be direct or indirect export to Europe and America marketing.
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  • Feasibility Study
    We never process any project unquestioning, but always arrange our engineer help client to make feasibility studying before start to design a mold. Help client to analyze potential risk in production, give the best solution for improve design base on our experience, for achieve save cost purpose.
  • Rapid Prototype
    We often suggest to make a prototype for evaluation before create mold, it's a necessary step for ensure we are going to make a perfect mold and it helps to verify if the design is perfect. The cost of prototype is cheap and lead time is very fast, but It will help to reduce the potential risk than to create
  • Mould Flow Analysis
    What is a mold flow analysis? Mold flow analysis is a software simulation that can show how resin will fill the mold during the injection molding process. By understanding material fill, injection mold designers can better position gates, anticipate where knit lines will appear, and locate difficult to fill spots in the mold. The analysis also examines how resins flow with certain temperatures and injection pressures (Figure 2). As material cools it begins to harden which is why gate pressure increases. The higher the pressure, the more difficult the fill, which translates to greater concern about weak knit lines (contributing to poor part integrity), flash, sink, and shorts.
  • Mould Design
    Hao Yu provides top notch engineering services by combining proven design standards with the most modern techniques available today for designing and manufacturing plastic injection molded parts.
  • Hot Runner Design
    Hot runners play a mission critical role in the injection molding process. Hot runner systems are a means to convey molten plastic from injection molding machines into molds, ensuring proper flow rate and pressure, while maintaining optimum temperature levels.
  • We have a first-class mould processing workshop, first-class mould manufacture equipments and first-class mould processing team. We own one-stop mould manufacture
  • We have professional test shots workshop and the experienced injection machine operator. We can provide that from 50 tons to 2,000 tons test shots services, include 2K mould testing service.
  • We have 50tons to 1000tons plastic injection machine for production in house. Some very large size mould, we injection in professional partner's factory.
  • We have 50tons to 1000tons plastic injection machine for production in house. Some very large size mould, we injection in professional partner's factory.
  • Plastic mould
  • Plastic Injection
On the current development situation, the development of casting mold industry, the international division of labor is being formed, based on the cost of pressure, a large number of foreign procurement in China casting parts
  • 14
    The system of plastic mold structure
    Mold injection molding is a kind of processing method used in mass production of complex parts of shape. The specific principle refers to: the heat of plastic raw materials from the injection molding machine screw into the high pressure into the plastic mold cavity
  • 25
    Fine die mold technology products and technology development focus
    Complex parts continuous fine die is the cutting edge of the basic technology, as a leader to start research, expect to drive the whole of China's fine red technology significantly improved. This paper focuses on the design and manufacture of fine blanking molds
  • 02
    Plastic mold rising trend can not be underestimated
    Our daily production, life used in a variety of tools and products, large to the machine base, body shell, as small as a minutia screw, buttons and a variety of household appliances shell, all with the mold has a close relationship.
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